High-Tech Event Recording & Speaker Quotes

Our YouTube channel has the event recording from Feb 24th's 'High-Tech, Growing the Marijuana Industry', event HERE. Some speaker quotes about the event:

“It’s always inspiring to be in a room full of ambitious entrepreneurs discussing how to chart the future of new industries. My experience as a speaker at VEF was a great opportunity to share my journey as an entrepreneur and gain new perspective on how others are pushing boundaries of innovation in fields as diverse as technology and cannabis.” Christian Groh, Chief Operations Officer and Founding Partner, Privateer Holdings


Feb 24th Event Sold Out, Some Tickets May Be Available At The Door

Tonight's VEF 'High-Tech, Growing The Marijuana Industry', event is sold out with over 250 people due to attend.

Some tickets may be available to purchase from 6pm at the Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, once we are able to determine if there are 'no-show', ticket holders.